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Saturday, March 24, 2007

life got busy

i haven't posted in about 7 months... dang! where does the time go?

i guess once the kids went back to school, things sorta got crazy. then before i knew it the holidays were upon us and immediately after that, it all got insane (but in a cool way).

since the beginning of january, i've been a part of FIRST

take a moment and check out the link; it'll do a much better job of explaining than i can do.

it's been the busiest, craziest and probably to most enjoyable winter i have ever had. i've been a mentor for the Creston-904 team. we kicked butt in chicago last weened and will kick more butt at GVSU next weekend. our team was on the winning alliance in chicago and will be going to the Championship in atlanta in three weeks. i'll be at both competitions, and i intend to blog the entire event. it'll be a little delayed, since i won't have immediate internet access.

anyhow, i'm back and i will post more in the near future. sorry for the absence, my life got busy...


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