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Monday, May 30, 2005


photography has been an interest of mine since i was but a mere munchkin.

i experimented a lot with cameras and techniques and took a few pictures that were published in our school yearbook. then, for the reasons of life, my purpose for photography turned from "artistic and action" to "capture every moment".

so anyhow, i've been using firefox for quite a while now, but just recently started using the plug-in stumble upon. stumble upon lets you randomly hit a website based on preferences you set i picked that i enjoyed photography.

i have been randomly hitting websites that are devoted to artistic photography and just completely loving the different sites i've found. it has inspired me so much that i've started looking for places to buy ssslllooowww film.

i really want to start trying to take some artistic picures. hopefully i'll have some in the near future. i'll keep you posted.

Sunday, May 29, 2005

this week

i've survived my first week of being unemployed. i went to the unemployment office, updated my resume and responded to some want ads that i found. i also posted my resume on hotjobs.com and within a few hours i had a phone call and a very promising opportunity. after a few phone conversations and had an interview on friday morning. there may also be other opportunities in the works. next week i will know more.

last night i set up my telescope, however there was an abundance of light pollution which made seeing any deep sky objects almost impossible. i did view Jupiter and 4 of it's moons for a while. i packed up early since i couldn't see much of anything.

tonight we went to the observatory to help out with visitors night. everything went pretty good, and it was nice to get back out there. i am looking forward to spending more time there this summer.

it's funny, i thought i was going to be bored and not know what to do while being unemployed. it seems like last week i spent as much time working toward getting a new job as i did working at my previous job. plus i've had the added responsibility of being mr mom. it's all good though... i think that this week was just a mere turning point. next week all of the fun begins.

Friday, May 20, 2005

the end of another chapter

it's been a few months since my last post. i suppose today it's time change that.

my life has been incredibly busy and stressful and i think being completely run-down hasn't helped the situation. anymore i search for a few minutes of time to myself and i never find it until very late at night. it seemed like every day i prayed for a break from all of this, but everyday things just seemed to get worse.

last summer i was worried about having surgery. i worried that there would be scars on my face and that i would be in pain for weeks. as it turned out there were no scars and the pain monster never reared it's ugly head. then, after Christmas, i apparently came down with a sinus infection which caused a lot of swelling around my eye and played havoc with my vision again. i was worried that i may actually have to go through the surgery with all the cutting and pain.... once again i saw the sinus specialist at U of M and he perscribed some antibiotics and steroids which worked wonders and my sinuses and sight have been just fine every since.

but just when you've dodged one curve ball, life tends to throw more just to see if you're on your toes.

this morning i finally became the victim of corporate downsizing. (at least that is what they told me) i've never been laid off before, and i am still not sure how i am supposed to react. in one view i feel a sense of relief and in another i am quite worried (again, i worry a lot). i was always a misfit at this company. suckered by a bait and switch job offer, i could never get to a point to prove my worth. so in one respect i feel relieved that this is finally over, on the other hand i am worried about an uncertain future.

with more time on my hands, i'll be posting more in the days ahead.

so as the unemployment rate continues to rise in the state with the highest unemployment rate in the country (michigan), i quitely end another chapter in my life.


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