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Thursday, December 15, 2005

there's gonna be some changes around here

it just takes a good dose of Christmas to get you thinking about the past year. i don't know if its writing Christmas letters or the thought of all the new years resolutions that were not realized or if it is just the snow, but i've been thinking about the last year a lot lately. my blogging hit rock bottom. i actually thought i'd have more time to devote to writing, but that time seemed to evaporate.

i really do feel like things are back on track now. once again i have been bouncing some science things around in the old noggin'. i hope to have some new fresh posts in the near future.

being unemployed all summer was rather stressful, and starting a new job has been stressful too. however i am very glad to have had a break in my career. i think i have a jump on my holiday projects, and hopefully i won't be up till 2am on Christmas eve putting an air hockey table together this year.

i don't think i have many readers of my blog anymore, so if you have been a reader in the past be prepared for some changes. i am planning on revamping my layout and trying to start over. i hope my comments stay in tact, and i appologize in advance if they don't. i want to thank Lar for posting some nice comments. i had to go back through the archives to find everything you wrote. i hope you are who i think you are.

have a merry Christmas everyone. come back soon, there's gonnna be some changes around here.


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