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Sunday, April 16, 2006

nothing to report

so it has been a few weeks (at least) since my last post. i've been kind of busy, but nothing unbearable, and i haven't really had a lot on my mind to write about.

i was close to posting an entry about my evening seeing nickel creek at the end of march, but i never got around to writing it. nickel creek (if you don't already know) is probably my most favorite music group (maybe of all times). i saw them in concert a few years ago and then again just a few weeks ago. i may also get the chance to see them again this summer. anyhow, this last concert was almost indescribable, and that's all i'm going to say. it was the best concert i think i've ever seen.

the breaks in the clouds we've had have come on nights that i've been too lazy to get my telescope out. the clear nights are coming a little more frequently now and hopefully i'll get back out to do some observing again soon.

thanks for reading and i'm going to try to be posting a little more regularly in the coming days.

take care my friends.


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