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Friday, August 25, 2006


yesterday Pluto was "demoted" (as all the press headlines read). it is no longer called a planet, but a "dwarf planet". so what? i guess why i'm writing this is the press' use of the word demoted. it seems like they are telling the world that Pluto now is less important than it was the day before. that is utterly ridiculous!

i feel that most of the most interesting places in our solar system aren't on planets at all. the moons of Jupiter and Saturn are without doubt some of the most interesting places we know of. actual liquid was recently discovered on Titan (a moon of Saturn).

so what if they change the classification of Pluto? it certainly isn't because it is less interesting, it is only because it doesn't really conform to the characteristics of the other 8 planets.

let's all get over it and move on.


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