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Saturday, November 20, 2004

sinus surgery update

it's been 3 weeks since my sinus surgery and all is very well. i have not had any pain or discomfort since waking up after the surgery. it has really been amazing. i've been breathing better and feeling much better ever since.

i've been on antibiotics for 3 weeks now, and i still have another few days to go. the only thing i'd kinda hoped for was to regain my sense of smell. it's been more than 5 years since i lost my sense of smell. i only regained it for about 2 weeks when i was hospitalized for pneumonia about 2 1/2 years ago. it was assumed that the antibiotics and steriods i was given, cleared my sinuses long enough to smell again, but only to have it fade when the medicine wore off.

yesterday and today i've been noticing faint scents of things. it hasn't been dramatic, but i've sensed smells every now and then and i'm very happy about that. when i try to smell something, i still get nothing. nevertheless, i'm very optimistic.

this morning i was welcomed by the smell of coffee when i walked into the break room at work. that was a very nice surprise. i also caught a whiff of the pizzas i was bringing home for dinner tonight. i think i'm beginning to feel normal again.

wednesday i return to my doctor for a final sinus cleaning. i've got my fingers crossed that afterwards i'll be able to smell thanksgiving dinner on thursday.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

northern lights

sunday night was the first time i really saw an aurora (the northern lights). we had a spectacular show that began in the north-north east and converged into a spot towards the southern sky. there were spikes and rays of light (mostly green) that looked like special effects from hollywood. in short, it was very cool.

i just came in from my back-yard where i saw again an entirely different show. tonight the sky was green to the north-north east, but there were waves of light whipping across the sky. sunday night was quite slow and romantic. tonight the sky was full of energy.

nature is simply amazing.


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